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Vinyl Rects Square Gazebo Plans

Square Gazebo Plans – Finding the area of ​​the shaded part of a square with a circle in the middle. A common difficulty at the beginning of geometry problems is to calculate the area of ​​conventional forms, such as squares and circles. An intermediate step in the learning process is to combine the two formats. For example, if you draw a square and then draw a circle within a square that circle touch all four of side the square, you can determine the total area between the circle and the square.

For calculate the area of ​​the square gazebo plans first multiplying the side length by him. For example, suppose the side of your square is 10 cm, then multiply 10 cm by 10cm get 100 cm². Calculate the circle radius; because it is entirely fit inside the square, the diameter is 10 cm. The radius is half the diameter, therefore measures 5 cm. While calculate the circle area by multiplying Pi radius squared. Pi worth 3.14, so the equation is 3.14 times (5 cm) ². This way, you will have 3.14 times 25 cm², totaling 78.5 cm².

Subtract the circle area (78.5 cm²) Square Gazebo Plans area (100 cm²) to determine the area outside the circle but still within the square. Getting this way: 100 cm² -78.5 cm², results in 21.5 cm².

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