Fisher Price Dresser: Repaint It And Transform It!

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Baby Dresser

Do not know what to do with your old fisher price dresser? Do not throw it away: repaint it and transform it into design and aesthetic furniture! It is not uncommon to want to quickly get rid of a piece of furniture a little too bulky … Sometimes, by hasty decisions, you end up regretting to part with an old dresser or a piece of furniture. A bit too impersonal. Today, however, recycling is up to date, and vintage-style furniture is popular with design enthusiasts.

You too, repaint your dresser and give it a second life and bring an original touch to your interior! Why be afraid of the total look? In neutral-colored interior, in front of a white, linen or chalk-colored wall, flash bright colors such as red, duck blue or yellow. Originality and modernity assured.

Key elements of this furniture, the drawers can be personalized by a nice association colors / stencils / handles. Remember to close the holes of the old handles with Patapoch if your new handles are smaller than the previous ones. Match multiple colors together if your dresser has drawers of different sizes or even the same size. If you feel comfortable with the brush in your hand, take even more risk by throwing yourself into trompe l’oeil patterns. Two beautiful examples below with these suitcase patterns made on each of the drawers

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