Folding Attic Stairs Ideas

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Best Ideas Attic Stairs

Folding attic stairs are the ideal solution to create access to the attic space is necessary when there is not enough space for a traditional set of stairs. The convenience of closet steps is much better than the use of stairs. With folding steps, which are capable of transporting much larger loads up and down than with stairs? How to obtain and install the appropriate set of roof ladders begins with the opening of the ladder location.

How to sketch a stair opening from the roof down folding, be sure to check the local building codes for this type of stair installation. Some areas are more restrictive than others. Confirm and comply with the local building codes of the staircase. Locate the installation area. Find a suitable space in a room or other suitable place. Make sure there are no electrical or fixed obstacles in the selected location. Measure the space to see how much space you have in the desired place.

Access the attic and go to the location of the staircase. Use the template that comes with the kit, and measure and mark the rectangular hole to be sawed. Measure a hole slightly wider than the size of the purchased staircase assembly. Add enough width to accommodate the necessary 2-by-6 framing and the staircase enclosure included with the kit. Remove the insulation, and recheck all obstacles before starting the extraction.

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