Full Of Comfortable Day Beds

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Dark Day Beds

Most of the furniture for the house is created to fulfill common functions in daily life, but there are other furniture that are designed to meet specific needs, such as different types of day beds, which have special characteristics that distinguish them by the way to be able to sit down and the utility. One of the less common and yet more effective options are the daybed, which is a type of sofa that has very low backing or even does not have support, this is how it allows visual continuity, there is no support that prevents it.

The day beds can be of many widths, from the smallest sitting for two people (known as 1 “and 1/2” with a useful length of sitting of approximately 110cm) to that of a sofa (useful length of sitting of about 230cms). A daybed with minimum measures of 1.90 long can have a double use and you can use it as a small bed for guests.

If you are looking for a piece of furniture in any space that is light at the same time, you can use day beds that, besides being a very particular and original piece have a very practical sitting function. You can use it in the access to your apartment or in a lobby next to a table for the telephone.

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