Hanging Tuscan Artwork

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Tuscan Artwork City

Tuscan artwork – Hanging your artwork at the right height ensures that you get the best possible picture of art from all angles. The standard for most galleries and museums is to hang the art so that the center of the piece is 57 inches from the floor, which is at eye level for most people. To figure out where to place the picture hanging hook, measure and mark the 57 inches from the floor. Measure the Tuscan artwork from top to bottom, and dividing this measurement by two to determine the distance to the center of the painting. Pull the picture hanging wire tight, and measure the distance from the highest point on the top of the frame, and subtract the number from the previous measurement. Add this number to 57, and the result is the height where your hook should be placed. This method ensures that the center of the art is 57 inches.

Hanging artwork in group

When you hang Tuscan artwork or photos in a group, work out the arrangement in advance to avoid uneven surfaces or frames that do not fit. Using a roll of paper, such as drawing or butcher paper, cut a sheet to fit the area where you want to place your arrangement. Place artwork on paper, experimenting with different arrangements until you find one you like. Draw the outline of the scope of the paper. Insert the drawing to the side, and mark on each tracked image where the nail or hook to go. Tape the paper to the wall, and place the hanging hardware in the appropriate places. Remove the paper and hang artwork.

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