Headboard Install With Vinyl Fence Brackets

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Vinyl Fence Gate

Vinyl Fence Brackets – Plastic fences can be the building blocks for an attractive garden-style headboard. You can find plastic or vinyl components nearby to make headboards at local home improvement stores. Plastic fence panels are available in widths of 8 feet and can have different heights and designs. As an added bonus, plastic fence panels do not need to be painted; Bright white is standard color and will coordinate with most decoration of any bedroom.

Measure the space at the head of the mattress for the headboard. Use the stud detector to locate and mark on the wall the studs behind your bed that correspond to the fence post placement. If there are no nails in the corresponding section of the wall, you can use anchor bolts to fix the wall brackets.

Fit one part of the wall bracket for each plastic fencing post, 2 inches from the base and 2 inches from the top of the post. Attach the corresponding support sections to the wall to the top line with those of the fence posts. Attach a fence post to the wall using brackets. Insert the fence panel into the attached post. Plastic fencing panels have extended sections that fit into the openings in the fence post. Introduce the second fence post to the other end of the fence panel. Place the post on the wall brackets. Place the bed in the center of the fence panel.

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