Hippies And Very Romantic Boho Bedroom

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Romantic Boho Bedroom

Boho bedroom – chic boho style we see much in fashion this season but also serves to decorate our house. It is to merge styles, mainly airs vintage, ethnic, bohemians, something hippies and very romantic to design rooms full of personality. freedom to decorate this way is quite large since it allows to enter many elements and from diverse backgrounds.

Boho bedroom gives this room a totally romantic air, flooded with color and life, is elegant and cozy . Apparently somewhat neglected, as if to put almost anything we want, but everything is perfectly designed for designing a cheerful, comfortable and very special atmosphere. color is predominant through textiles and accessories, and also bohemian and natural touch thanks to shapes and textures.

As discussed, colors are particularly important in boho chic decorating bedrooms. They are cheerful, very bright, in shades like blues, reds, greens, purples, pinks … complemented by other neutral to balance view and not be excessive. These are rooms full of light and joy where you can play with colors to make interesting contrasts. In a boho bedroom, following guidelines of this decorative trend, no shortage of natural materials such as glass, wood or leather. They will be accompanied by silks, embroidery, velvet, wool, hair, crochet, … All this to create an always comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which you can place furniture vintage style as comfortable or retro tables, some upholstered chair, mirrors … All very eclectic but always full of elegance and simplicity.

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