How To Build Gazebo Roof

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Cedar Gazebo Roof

Gazebo roof – A gazebo is a pavilion structure used as an element of garden or park with various functions. It is often added to large rear gardens and public parks. Gazebos are generally exempt, octagonal and a small roof above the posts. Because of its octagonal or round shape, gazebos are usually covered with roofs like Texas, which come in a kit.

Measure the size and scope of your gazebo roof, using a tape measure. The most important dimensions are the length of the beams and the horizontal boards that connect. The length of the horizontal boards is the distance between the posts, and the length of the beams depends on the final height of the ceiling.

Gazebo roof place the roof frame on top of the horizontal boards connecting the posts. In each gazebo construction, horizontal elements connecting the columns or posts. These elements are a basis for the construction of the roof. Fix the roof beams so resemble an umbrella, with its bottom end resting on the horizontal beams. Connect roof construction with firmly tighten screws and secure with an electric drill. Connect the ends of the beams with wooden boards thinner to serve as a support band ceiling. Place wooden boards between the rafters and secure both ends with screws. Use a drill to make holes for the screws. Install the screws and washers and tighten the joint with the drill. This ring roof beams roof beams connected and prepare the ground for a layer of plywood.

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