How To Create The Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

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Rustic Wood Paneling For Walls Lowes

Reclaimed wood wall panels provide a simple way to go green to the newly constructed building or make changes to an existing structure. Wall cladding consists of thin strips of materials that you use in the upper part of a frame when building a residence or another type of building. Recycled wall covering makes use of materials that would ordinarily be clogging a garbage dump. Recycled or salvaged wood is a type of recycled wood siding that you can make yourself.

A search recovered or reclaimed wood. Recovered wood comes from various sources but usually comes from barns, buildings and old houses. Measure the size of the frame and determine the size of the wood to cover the frame. Hold a tape against the frame and measure the width and height. Use glasses protection and put the recovered wood on easels so that the wood feels flat. Cut carefully through the wood with a circular saw. Cut the wood to the size needed for the structure.

Insert coarse-grained sandpaper into an orbital sander. One side of the wood recovered from the sand, flip the piece and the back of the sand. Place the wooden floor against the frame. Press a nail gun flush against the top of the board and the trigger that shoots a nail through the wood and frame. Work your way around the edges of the recycled wood, fixing it to the structure.

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