How To Erect A Hog Wire Fence

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Review Hog Wire Fence

Hog wire fence has stood the test of time as a great way to keep animals or people either out or somewhere. Not only do they keep your beloved pets or pets limited, but they protect them. A well-made fence acts as a constant deterrent to destructive behavior.


Install fence posts

Run a bottom line using press string to keep the fence straight. Space outside measurements 2.4 m (8 feet). Mark the hog wire fence post location with an orange dot using spray paint. Auger to the desired depth and 1.2 m (4 feet) whole diameter. Repeat this step for all post holes. Run a nail at the top of the corner brace to determine the top target line using baling yarn. Establish mail height using a prepared stamp stick along with the top line of sight. This will identify peaks and valleys along the fence row.

You can shorten the distances between the posts. If the valley or hill is too large, you may need to add another entry to smooth out your fence. Check again to make sure you have the desired height of 2.4 m (8 feet) for each hog wire fence post grouping. Set the record at controlled height always refer to the guideline. Put some soil around the bar and tamp it firmly. Repeat until the pole is fixed. Run a nail at the top of the post and check with the guide line to make sure it is at the desired height. Repeat this step until all inserts are fixed and at 2.4 m (8 ft.) height.

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