How To Install The Hog Wire Fence Panels

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Black Hog Wire Fence Lowes

Hog Wire Fence Panels – Although farmers and ranchers usually use them for pigs, pigs panels give equally effective fencing for a kind of other animals, including dogs, sheep, and cattle. A pig panel only marks 16 feet long by 34 inches high and is made of galvanized steel rods of a vertical and horizontal junction. Placing a pig panel fence needs some patience as each panel weighs more than 30 pounds and can be pretty difficult to manage. Try to have a helpful helper when you are ready to place the pig panels to make the installation process go a little more smoothly.

Clear your fence line. Put on your work gloves and remove all the stones and excess vegetation along the route of the fence. Drive T-posts at each corner post location with a vial posterior to the handheld. Sink them to a depth of 12 to 18 inches. Run a chain within the corner posts to check the perimeter of the hog panel fence. Pound T-posts along the outside edge of the marking chain to work as line poles for your hog panel fence.

Position yourself at one end of the first pig panel and have your assistant support the other end of the panel. Attach the middle part of the panel and the other end of the screen to the first two line poles with additional lengths of fence wire. Cut the door panel in half with shears to create two sections of pig panel 8 feet long. The wire from both ends of one of the short panels to two of the remaining T posts.

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