How To Install The Vinyl Fence Post Sleeve

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How To Cut Vinyl Post Sleeve

The addition of the type of vinyl fence post sleeve that you will install in your yard will be determined by how you intend to use it. If you want privacy, you’re going to install a 6-foot billboard fence, but if you want an accessory for your garden, you’re going to install a shorter fence, or possibly a post-and-beam fence style.

Measure the area of the fence and draw a design. Mark each subsequent location. Mark the fence line. Using the hand-drawn diagram, determine where each position should be placed. Mark each place with an “X” painted with spray Use an inch spacer 2-by-4 to ensure accuracy. Dig send holes 2 feet deep using a hydraulic auger. Clean the dirt and rocks out of the hole with a shovel and a hole digger.

Insert the fence post into the hole. Pour an entire bag of dry concrete mix into the hole, which surrounds the fence post. Place a level on the top of the pole to ensure stability. Measure the height. Secure a line of rope above the posts, which marks the desired height of the fence. Attach the string line to the stakes. Adjust the messages to make sure they are all of the same height. Use the rubber hammer if necessary. Add water to dry concrete using a water hose. Fill until the water reaches the top of the hole.

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