How To Install Wood Wall Mounting Shelves

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Wood Wall Shelves

Wood Wall Mounting Shelves – Transform any blank wall in your home from strictly ordinary to fully functioning by hanging wooden shelves. Wooden shelves provide storage is not only practical and affordable; they are also an opportunity to add color and visual interest to a room. Organize decorative accessories and even art on wooden shelves, as well, making a feature wall more dynamic and attractive. While the shelves are securely fasten to the wall, by piercing the studs or using wall anchors, they will support virtually anything you choose to display.

Determine the placement of the platform. Keep the first mounting bracket on the wall where the platform will be installed. Use a level to make sure the support is straight. Draw marks on the wall through the screw holes in the bracket. Look for the posts with the studies search engine. Drill guide holes for screws or wall anchors. The bit should be slightly narrower than the screws or wall anchors, to ensure a perfect fit. Insert the wall brackets if it is being used.

Place the first mounting bracket on the wall, aligning the holes in the bracket with the pilot holes in the wall. With a screwdriver, insert the screws through the bracket and into the beam or anchors. Repeat the process for the second support. Center of the platform on top of the two supports. Use the level of re-verify that the platform is straight. Screw the platform on the supports.

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