How To Make Wedding Gazebo From PVC Pipe Materials

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Wedding Gazebo Flower Ideas

A wedding gazebo is often found on the altar at a wedding. It is decorated with flowers and the bride and groom will be listed below. These bows are attached to a wall on each side, and can be made of different materials. One way to make the gazebo is with PVC pipe.

Mark the spot where the PVC pipe is installed on the wall to be use wedding gazebo. Draw a small mark on each side with a black marker, so that it is clearly visible. Carry a tape measure from one brand to another to determine how much pipe will be needed for installation. Note the measurement. Keep a piece of half-inch PVC pipe up to the desired location. Cut off the excess PVC pipe with a hack saw.

Setting up a half-inch pipe band at the first marked position and screw it into place screws through the predrilled holes with a drill and drywall. Repeat the process for the clamp band on the other side. Set the PVC pipe in the pipe-belt on each side. Bend it into the shape of wedding gazebo and push down firmly to secure it to the PVC straps. Decorate the PVC pipe with flowers and other embellishments you want.


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