How To Make Wood Shelves With Metal Brackets

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Simple Wood Shelves With Metal Brackets

Wood shelves with metal brackets are perfect for storing books or CDs as well as additional clothing space. Booths are common substitutes for large drawers or kitchen cabinets that can accommodate a large amount of space in the room. You can create them in a free afternoon using some materials from any home improvement store.


Measure the wall length and height where you want to install booths using measuring tape. Measures only the area where you want to place the trays if you want to leave part of the wall open. This is to ensure that the wood shelves with metal brackets installed fit properly. Write this measurement down. Share the height of the entire structure you want to make the height of each cabinet you want to add. Multiply the number you count on the number of shelves you want to use. In this example, you would multiply three by the number of shelves, say 5. This means you will need 15 feet of an inch with 12-inch wooden paneling.

Mark the width measurement from step 2 on each 1-inch with 12-inch panel. Cut each piece of wood with a miter saw to the desired length. Finish cutting each section of pitch width measure. Attach the wood shelves with metal brackets together the pieces. Mark the area where shelves will go with a laser and pen. Nail each 1-inch with 1-inch framing piece on the walls, using a hammer and 2-inch nail or a nail gun to attach the strips. Heavy nails will split the wood or damage the wall. Use a rule detector to see if you can strike a pin for extra support in the wall.

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