How To Painting French Dresser

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Modern French Provincial Dresser

Repainting French provincial dresser is a great way to add color and freshen up a tired bedroom. Plus, repainting an old agency is much cheaper than buying a new one. You may be surprised at home differently an agency can see with a new coat of color. Although it may seem like a big project, when you break down what you realize it is quite simple and something that can be done over a weekend.


Choose a well-ventilated area and cover it with the magazine or cloth. Remove all knobs and handles from chest of drawers. If anger is old and worn out, you might want to consider buying new buds. Remove the drawers from the French provincial dresser and place them face up on the floor. Inspect the color of the office to see if it is peeling. If the tape comes off clean with no color, then you do not need to scale off the color from the dresser. If there are areas that are peeling or if the band does not come off clean, then you will need to scale off the agency.

Clean the French provincial dresser with a general cleaning agent and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Scale the color from the agency when needed. See additional resources below for information on how to strip furniture. Use wood putty, fill in any holes or recesses in the chest of drawers. Wait for the putty to dry before moving to the next step. Carefully sand the dresser with the wood grain (if possible). The purpose of grinding is to help the paint stick to the surface, not to remove old paint.

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