Ideal And Cozy Tuscan Bar Stools

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Tuscan Bar Stools And Table

Tuscan bar stools – They say that its origin is recorded in 667a.c. during the Byzantium, which was later adopted by the Nordic peoples and from there spread to England and part of Europe. Surely more than once you wondered what should be the ideal height of a stool. The answer lies in the height of the table.

In ancient civilizations, like the Egyptian, there is also record of stools and is that during the reign of the pharaohs, it became a symbol of status. Let us think that in those years, the tuscan bar stools, unlike how we know it now, was not a comfortable piece to sit in and those who used it were the most unprotected classes. This is how children, craftsmen and, of course, servants made use of this small type of chair to “rest”, work or study.

Today, fortunately, the tuscan bar stools has been transformed into a piece of furniture a little more democratic and anyone, regardless of status, can use it and sit on it. Because we recognize its usefulness, especially in confined spaces, below we show you some models of kitchen stools that go from the classic bench that you can see in any bar of a bar to interesting pieces of design.

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