Ideas Decorating Ethan Allen Dresser

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Perfect Ethan Allen Dresser

Ethan Allen dresser offers a great storage solution for a living room. With a lot of drawers, you can save the clutter, and the top can be used for decorative purposes or even carry out a television set. With a few reinforcements and modifications to protect both the finish and the integrity of the piece, an unique chest of drawers can serve a completely new purpose in the living room.

Use the dresser as a television stand.  You may need to reinforce the piece to prevent it from breaking. This can be achieved by screwing in the metal supports under the top of the chest of drawers. These devices must extend from one side to the other, horizontally, to provide a resistant surface.

In addition, either a cloth or a piece of varnished or painted wood to match the dresser should be placed on top. This will prevent the television or any other item from scratching or marring the surface of the dresser. DVDs, game systems and remote controls can be stored inside the drawers to keep them out of the way. Clothes from stores or other items in the dresser. Great dressers usually have several drawers that can be useful for storing clutter or useful items, such as bedding. Take the drawers and examine the corridors.

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