Ideas For Bohemian Themed Living Room

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Nice Bohemian Themed Living Room

There are several ways to go about creating a bohemian themed living room environment. For a chic bohemian look, with period decorations that complement each other. And like a series of old photos with different frames or steam vintage breasts. Then add some modern colors and textures to the room. Rich jewel-tone colors and fabrics are a way to go when it comes to the walls; alternatively, the dull colors with texture look worn and lived in another.

For a bohemian look, look for unique objects or collections of its kind. Tapestries, mirrors with elaborate scrolls, irregularly shaped images, beaded curtains and works of art made locally are all possible decorations on the wall. Add wall hangings or upholstery for texture. To fill space on shelves, window frames and tables, treat collections of antique bottles, candlesticks, statues, iron lamps, incense burners, ceramic or cowardly vases. Introduce elements of exotic cultures a Moroccan, Chinese lamp or African wooden sculpture screen to contrast with modern American or elaborate Victorian furniture.

Skip some of the traditional stores for decoration search. Instead, you can go to the flea market or the antique store. The small mom and pop stores and import stores also have an assortment of items that are not found in a box of large stores. Be sure to check the farmers markets, garage sales and roots. And thrift stores for items with an age function or mature cowardly lines for a renovation.

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