Ideas For Clear Tuscan Vases

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Tuscan Vases Antique

Tuscan vases – Clear glass vases may show up much more than flowers. Whether you are looking for themed party center or everyday furnishings, providing a transparent vase a solid start. Many craft stores sell vase beads, which are pieces of colored glass that you can use to fill your Tuscan vases. But there are plenty of other options that will express your creativity and improve your interior.

Coffee Lovers Point

Create a cafĂ©-inspired center with your glass vase by filling it with roasted coffee beans. Use the cheap stuff, because you do not want to brew them afterwards; if you can find unroasted beans, stock them with dark bean parfait-style. Insert long black straws or stir sticks in the vase, causing the beans to keep them upright. If you share the best ends of straws with scissors or a knife, you can slip sugar packets in them, making sweet “flowers” for the vase. Family and guests can pick out a “flower” and has its sugar and stir stick all in one.

If you have a small clear Tuscan vases that is quality food (no lead or other toxic content), look for a clear or colored glass tumbler that fits over the vase neck like a lid. Fill the vase with filtered water and place it on the bedside table every night before bed. The dryer works as both a drinking glass and a cover to keep dust and debris out of your nightly deliveries of water. Guests and family will appreciate the service. In warm weather, fill the vase with ice at night and suck gently. Place an absorbent coaster during the vase for catching “sweat” forming glass as cold and warm air meet.

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