Ideas For Country Chic Bedroom

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Popular Country Chic Bedroom

Country chic bedroom – Known for its shabby chic charm, the French country chic style depends on the color, pattern and room composition for its easy-to-achieve look. The French country chic style is romantic without being ruffled and is comfortable and economical to boot. Color is the most important element in the French style of the country. A French country chic bedroom will include light and medium colors such as blue, yellow, white, pink and green. Paint the walls a light color, such as yellow or blue buttery and give the depth of space by painting doors, windows and white door jams. Consider the color during all stages of French country design to ensure harmony in space.

Floral, toil and damask patterns are appropriate and should figure prominently in bedroom design. Incorporate these chic French country patterns into the bedroom with textiles. Curtains, bedding and rugs are the perfect elements to show off these patterns for a chic French country bedroom space.

Acquire furniture a bit distressed, painted as a dresser, wardrobe and bedside tables. Those with a budget of painting and anguish already owned by the furniture. Search antique stores and markets for the hardware of vintage bronze furniture, handles and knobs for painted furniture. Painted wood headboards are elegant, but those looking for something different might consider antique wrought iron headboards and stirrups with porcelain ornaments.

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