Ideas For Decorate With Vintage Wingback Chair

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Vintage wingback chair owes its name to its specific design structure. A chair of this type has wings that rise from the arms, along each side of the back of the chair. If you have the luxury of such a chair along with an ottoman, you’ll have to decorate the room with these pieces in a way that maximizes the comfort they offer and that gives them the attention they deserve.

Buy a wingback chair that complements the color or pattern of your sofa or bed, but does not exactly match. Matching your chair exactly to the main pieces of furniture in the room will make the whole room look overly even and a little generic. For example, if your sofa is blue, any shade of red, green, yellow or cream will complement the sofa, if color is part of your overall color scheme. In fact, a blue chair with drawings, such as blue stripes or blue flower chair will also match.

Place the wing chair in a corner of the room, preferably in a corner that does not have a window. The wings of the chair, will prevent the babysitter from seeing the view from the window, so use one of the most undesirable and windowless corners of the room. Place an ottoman on a fabric matching the foot of the chair. While you can get away with the use of a complementary fabric that does not match well, the ottoman really should be similar to an organic extension of the chair itself.

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