Ideas For Make Bed Tent

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Awesome Bed Tent

Bed tent is a fun and practical addition to a children’s room. A tent over the bed can provide a sense of safety and security at night, allowing a child to fall asleep more easily. During the day, there may be a place to play husband’s faith, turning a child’s room into a wildlife hiding place, a fort or even a rocket ship. Commercial bed tents are sold in stores, but an inventive parent can make a simple bed tent with just a few points, saving money and allowing for a custom fit.

Ideas for make bed tent. Use bars to hold the middle of the tent. These poles can be diet handles specifically purchased for the project, or actually diet or mop handles assigned to the task. Attach the poles to the bed frame or the main board by wringing it with rope. Duct tape can also be used to attach a rod to a fixed headboard or bed frame as long as the tape is used on the backside. Duct tape will damage the surface of the wood, so do not use on the visible side of the furniture.

Then ideas for make bed tent. Drape a large sheet over the two poles, so the sides to hang over the edge of the bed. Use a sheet that is at least one size larger than the bed for best results – for example, using a full or queen sheet on a double bed. Squeeze the sheet to the corners of the headboard and foot table or clothes leg or safety pins to pin the sheet to the corners of the mattress. Leave one corner free to allow access to the tent.

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