Ideas For Make Full Length Mirror Frame

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New Full Length Mirror

Full length mirror enlarge the feeling of a room, creating the illusion of more space, while the small mirrors can imitate the windows. All the mirrors increase the ambient light that reflects back into the room. Uncovered mirrors give an industrial feel to a room. To warm the look of the mirror, create an interesting frame for it.

Ideas for make full length mirror frame, measure the height and width of the mirror. Measure and cut two tables for the top and bottom of the half-inch mirror shorter than the width of the mirror for the 1-by-3-inch boards. Cut two plates from the length of the mirror, plus 4 1/2 inches from the 1 by 3 inch boards. Attach one of the plates to a work surface with two clamps in C. Make sure that the clamps leave the edge of the plate clear of obstructions so you can run the router by the edge. Take a test run with the router turned off and check that there is not another half inch of free space. Turn on the router.

Adjust the four joints on a flat surface with the two shorter upper and lower parts, fixed inside the side pieces of the longer ones. Adjust all the pieces with the edge directed upwards, inwards, creating a platform for the mirror. Then for make full length mirror frame, apply the wood glue to both ends of the short pieces that serve as the top and bottom of the mirror frame and put them back in place. Put the mirror face in the new medium.

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