Ideas For Office Work Table

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Office Work Table Ideas

A home office work table has to be versatile. You may have to serve as a conference table one day, a work space the next, and pull duty as a dining table for large gatherings. You want something that is robust, comfortable and attractive to your office environment. Also, when considering the specific dimensions for your project, think about making space under the table for your file cabinets so you can make dual use of the available space.

Measure your charge for the amount of space you will have for your office work table. Do not forget to measure the door so that the space to get the table in the office. If you want the table to sit on your file cabinets, then measure the height of the cabinets and add 3 inches to the office. Get three dimensions – width, length and height.

Rip the plywood to the width measure using the table saw. Set the fence and use the feeding stick to safely make the cut. Then cut the plywood according to the length of your office work table. Put aside your table. Cut another piece of plywood of the same width. Then cut two pieces according to the height measurement, these will be your table legs.

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