Ideas For Put Caster Wheels On Dining Chairs

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Great Caster Wheels On Dining Chairs

Putting caster wheels on the legs of dining chairs not only makes them easier to maneuver, it also protects the dining room floor from scratches and scratches caused by moving chairs. There are several different types of caster wheels available for this purpose. They vary in size, style and the method they attach to the chair legs. The two most common types of pivot wheels are stem cells wheels that attach to the chair legs with a metal spoke; and plate wheels attached to the chair legs with a metal plate. With stem cells wheel, wheel size is not important, but with plate wheel the plate should not be larger than the bottom of the chair legs.

How to attach plate caster wheels, place one of the plate sprockets over the bottom of one of the chair legs so that the edges of the plate align with the edges of the base of the base. Draw a pencil dot through each of the four screw holes in the plate. Repeat with the three remaining seat legs. Select a drill bit that is one size or two smaller than the screws you are using. Drill four holes in each chair leg on pencil strings, keeping the drill perfectly parallel to the leg. These are the starting holes to help you insert the screws.

Then for attach plate caster wheels. Place the first wheel plate on the bottom of one of the chair legs that match the four holes in the plate over the four starting holes. Place a screw through one of the holes in the plate and into the hole in the seat bones and screw it about halfway with a screwdriver. Repeat with three more screws in the remaining three holes in the plate.

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