Ideas For Secure A Billy Bookcase To Wall

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Billy Bookcase Ideas

Billy bookcase – Due to its height, the Billy bookcase comes equipped with wall mounting details to keep it from rolling over. Made of IKEA, this wood laminated furniture has five shelves that are adjustable to different heights to accommodate any size book or other decorative item. Installing wall mounting details is one of the last steps when fully assembling the rest of the device.

Ideas for secure a Billy bookcase to wall. Install the bookcase completely by following the instructions inside the box. Identify a place where you want to install the bookcase, make sure the floor is flat and there is plenty of room on each side. Find a wall rule by tapping a control detector and pushing it along the wall until it lights up. Place a small pencil high on the wall, well over the top of the bookcase.

Slide the Billy bookcase in place against the wall and see the back of the bookcase completely against the wall and the center is in line with the wall rule. Locate L-shaped mounting bracket included with other hardware. Place a stairway ladder in front of the bookshelves and on top of the close back. Place the L-shaped bracket on top of the bookcase with one edge of the case and the other on the wall. Draw pencil markers through each screw hole in the bracket and then disassemble the holder.

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