Ideas Of Wood Queen Bed Frame

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Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame Best Style

Building a wood queen bed frame is a two-hour project that can save you money, compared to the price of a plot purchased at the store. A simple platform plot is fairly easy to build, even as an introduction to do-it-yourself projects. If you have a different size mattress, you can adjust these plans by changing the dimensions of the wood to match your bed.

Sand one side of each sheet of plywood, both planks 80 inches and two boards of 59 1/2-inch. Sand others, if you like, but these are the only parts that will be exposed once the bed is mounted. Paint the wood, if you want. It is only necessary to paint the same faces that you need to the sand, since they are the only ones that will be exposed at the end of this project.

Attach an 80-inch plank and a sanded 59-inch plank to an L. Attach them with two L-keys, each 2 inches from either edge of the plates. Lay the planks so that the sanded sides are on the outside of the L. Connect the remaining 80-inch plank and the other 59 sanding 1/2-inch plank using two L-keys. Place the two shapes in L, forming a rectangle. Connect the two open corners with two more L-supports, positioned with a 2-inch clamp on each edge.

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