Ideas Rustic Home Office Desk

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Rustic Home Office Desk Ideas

Rustic home office desk – You do not have to be a carpenter to make a desk for your office. If funds are limited, it can be difficult to find a suitable desk in the thrift store, and a used desk may require refinishing or the need for repairs. Instead, make a large, spacious table using a two-door filing cabinet and a door. For additional drawer space, use two filing cabinets. Pick up a flat, flat door at the hardware store, one without any connected hardware or circular cuts.

Measure the height of the filing cabinet. Measure the thickness of the door. Add the two measurements together. Select a wall in your home office to place one end of the table. When using a cabinet, you need to secure one end of the table to a wall. At the height of the wall, the same number of inches as the measurement. Draw a line at the point determined in the previous step, making the line parallel to the ground. Make the line about 6 inches long. When mounted, the end of the covers the line.

The nail of the wood strip below the line. Place the top of the strip exactly on the line. The wooden strip must be at least 6 inches long, and no more than the width of the door. Use a wooden batten that is 1 or 2 inches thick. Place the two door filing cabinet at the end of the table, opposite the end of the table against the wall. Place the door on the other side of the filing cabinet and wood strip to create the desk. One end of the desk rests along the wooden strip; Position the opposite end on the filing cabinet.

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