Ideas To Cut Wood Siding Panels

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Wood Siding Panels Styles

Wood siding panels is often found on the walls of old houses. It is a thin sheet of wood installed directly on top of the drywall. Panels are meant to add style and a unique look to a room. It comes in sections of 4 x 8 feet and is hammered in place with headless nails. Often, it will have to be cut to fit to fit at the end of a wood siding wall. It is best to use a circular saw to cut the wood siding, but if you do not have any power tools, a hand saw will make the job easy.

Measure the size of the cut and mark it on the wood siding with a pencil. Line a T-square in the pencil mark and draw a straight line along the T-square down the entire facing sheet. Run the pencil over the line two or three times so it is dark enough to see. Put the front side facing sheet up on two stands. Align a hand saw that begins at the ends of the panels. Place the blade of the hand saw of the pencil mark. Position the blade so that the tip is the only part that touches the wood siding.

Keep the wood siding firmly in place with your non-dominant hand, and cut through the panels of the hand saw with the use of your dominant hand. They move in a downward movement back and forth along the pencil line. Continue along the entire blade pushing down with a slight tilt of the panels.

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