Ideas To Install Wood Veneer Panels

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Horizontal Wood Veneer Panels

Wood veneer panels offer a beautiful finish for many different areas or surfaces in your home, including walls, cabinets or certain pieces of furniture. In addition, it is easy to work and install.  The most important thing to remember when working with the word sheet is that it is fragile and breaks easily. However, following these simple steps will help you install your veneer easily.

Make sure the surface is cleaned properly and smooth before starting. Cut the sheet to the proper shape and size by first marking your cut lines and running painter’s tape along the intended seam. Use the razor to cut the tape and veneer. Remove the tape. This reduces the break when cutting the sheet. Use the glue roller to spread a layer of glue from the sheet to the surface where the sheet is to be installed. Apply a layer of sheet metal glue, in the same way, to the back of the veneer.

Place the wood veneer on the planned surface, and make sure it is properly configured. Using the rounded edge, firmly hold the 2-by-4 inch plate. Apply slight pressure to the length of the veneer to eliminate any air bubbles. If possible, fasten the veneer to the surface, or tape the veneer in place and let it dry thoroughly. Apply a finish or the appropriate stain, if desired.

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