Ideas Vinyl Fence Extension With Shrubs

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Vinyl Fence Height Extension Kits

Vinyl Fence Extension – Vinyl fencing is a very effective way to enclose your yard, protect the gardens from rodents or create a privacy barrier. This close-up solution looks very elegant when combined with landscaping designs that use Florida shrubs. The shrubs add an extra element of texture and soften the sharpness of the vinyl fencing.

Vinyl fencing offers an appropriate option to formulate your property since fencing is generally easy to clean and long-lasting. Make your fence more attractive by adding a series of Florida shrubs in front of it. Logical options for the shrubs include the Augusta Gardenia, which grows no more than 2 feet tall and has white flowers. This shrub stretches as it grows, making it an excellent option to fill the space in front of your fence.

Many gardeners opt for vinyl fencing to protect their gardens from rodents, but there’s no reason for the outside of the fence to turn out unpleasant. Low growth, Florida spiny shrubs are best for this application, since the nuisance factor will be a deterrent added to the pests. The Juniperus undoubtedly causes discomfort, with its itchy oils that release when a part of the bush breaks. The shrub grows near the ground, extending to fill the area unless it is trimmed back regularly. Euphorbia grows slightly taller than the Juniperus to 3 feet tall, but it is a good fill for the extension bushes. Euphorbia has many thorns in it and will dissuade rodents.

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