Industrial Chic Bedroom Pavilion Ideas

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Rustic Industrial Living Room

Industrial Chic Bedroom – Gone are the days in a canopy room meant an all-princess theme for a girl’s room. These days, canopy bedrooms can be cowardly, bohemian or the backwater of a world traveler. The ceilings can add color, texture and an exotic quality to a plain room Jane-the opposite. Use awnings as a focal point to define the theme of the room or as part of a larger decoration concept.

The “Boho” aspect is about creating an artistic, eclectic, and canopy environment adding bohemian decadence to this bedroom style. Try the floating canopy style for an evocative look update. Start with a basic bed frame, and if you do not have a headboard you can paint an imitation version on the wall or use a wall sticker in an abstract design.

Create the canopy appearance by setting four eye hooks on the ceiling, one above each corner of the bed. Fishing line rope between the eye hooks to create an invisible frame around the bed. Use lightweight, clean cloth and place fishing line over the weft. The fabric can float on the bed or it can swell down. Accentuate the look with large frameless paintings, which lean against the walls and the minimal ottoman surrounded by cushions on the floor in bright and contrasting patterns.

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