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DIY gazebo is an excellent resource for a cozy shade in the garden, attic or terrace. It is a structure permanent and decorative, usually of wood, which serves to anchor the element shadow itself. Awning, vegetation, plate’s heather, and sheets of various and PVC materials   another common feature is the beam horizontal without tilting, indicating a protective value to the sun instead of rain or snow. Since pergolas are open elements, they do not consume buildable and can be mounted without planning permission. The dimensions are adapted to any space available, which makes pergolas very functional elements.

Here we see the DIY gazebo in the house of our friend Ad Rodriguez a perfect spot for the best meetings in the spring and summer. The artist told us that their biggest concern was the anchor due to strong winds in the area. “I Assign parts as a timber company, and assemble

A bright and design very elegant DIY gazebo, made ​​by our friend Lucas! The large terrace is sheltered from the summer sun by an awning hanging from a pergola stylized metal. Recall that in attics and terraces must take extra security in all kinds of ties and fasteners to prevent wind bootable some element and cause an accident to passersby. The sketch of our friend breaking plasma his proposed L-shaped pergola, two sides of the house. A really attractive design DIY gazebo that will win many points to housing. We are looking forward to meeting the finished installation!

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