Install Bathroom Vanities With A Built In Sink

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New Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities include faucet, sink, counter and closet under the sink. Vanity encloses the sink pipe and provides storage space in the bathroom. Many vanities tops come with a built in sink, so installing a new vanity requires a little construction. Ask for help lifting vanity top when you install it on the cabinet, as they are often rocky and very heavy.

Measure the height and width of the new bathroom vanities with a tape measure. Measure the same height and width of the wall where you want to place that vanity so you have an overview of where vanity will go. Use a stud finder to find wall spikes in the measured area. Select the location of the buttons. Measure the distance from the markings you have made to plumbing pipes coming out of the wall. If your vanity is not backless, measure the same distances on the back of vanity and cut back with a stick saw so that the tubes fit through your back.

Install bathroom vanities with a built in sink, place the new vanity top on a flat surface with the sink upside down. Fill the grooves on the back of the kit plate of the new rooster with the plumber’s kit and press it over the tap in the sink. Press the cover plate over the kit plate, and then thread the faucet and water pipes through the faucet hole. Vip vanity top of the page so you can access watercourses. Slide the faucet is the metal disk over the water lines and secure the disc with a long nut.

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