Installation Of The Retractable Attic Stairs

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Best Pull Down Attic Stairs Design Ideas

Retractable attic stairs extend down into your house from a roof. They close the gap between the attic space and their living space in the home. Attic stairs are retractable, and they decompose and fold up like attic stairs do. Attic stairs are similar to attic stairs, but do not have the design of the tread and elevator. Instead ribbons or simple bars serve as the steps. To install your own attic access staircase, you will need to have some basic tools and some technical knowledge to do it right.

Use tape to mark the point on the floor where you would like the ladder to rest. Use the tape measure to record the distance between the flooring position and the rear end of the roof opening provided according to the size of the staircase you are installing.

Hang a plumb line from the roof directly over the end lap marker. Mark the place with your pencil, then use a ruler to draw the outline of your roof opening based on the specifications of the manufacturer of your attic staircase. Use the flat-head screwdriver to make a hole in each corner of the pencil profile. Put a wooden stick in each hole and pass as far as you can in all directions.

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