Kitchen Appliances In Apartment

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Dark Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances get a lot of wear over the years, and in an apartment setting, they tend to take even more addiction. If you want to improve the overall look of your apartment kitchen, sprucing up the cabinets will have a real effect. But plans to do more than paint cabinets of the same color may require the landlord OK, so check your rental and contact management before you begin.


Wash the cabinet with a kitchen appliances or soapy water to remove grease and dirt. Use a drill to remove hinges and other hardware and remove cabinet doors. This allows you to work on the doors when they are flat and gain access to some of the cabinets covered by doors and hardware. Sand the surface of cabinets or doors with a fine sandpaper to remove paint or bite. Painting or dyeing the cabinets of the same color will freshen them without completely changing their appearance. This approach will include scratches and stains and spice up the kitchen decor.

Wipe the cabinets after you sand them to remove dust. Paint on oil based primer, after the wood’s vein. Use a brush to apply. Allow this to dry for a couple of days, then light sand doors and cabinet boxes again. This is not necessary if you are staining wood. Paint on a color that matches it on the cabinet. Or use a spot to match the old spot. If you have permission, you can change the color of the cabinets. Spruce up a kitchen appliances by applying a gel stain to the surface. Brush the stain or paint on brush. Use long, even strokes that follow the tree’s vein. Allow the stain to dry for one day and allow acrylic paint to dry for two.

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