Loveseat And Chaise: Cozy Place To Relax

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Cozy Loveseat And Chaise

Loveseat and chaise – If the lion is the king of the jungle, the sofa is the king of the lounge as brand largely the style and distribution of this space. Also, the area of the couch is your place to relax, share and disconnect, and therefore we have to pay special attention.  If we have two sofas in a hall square, it is appropriate to place them at an angle. The sofas are going to help to divide environments between the lounge area and the dining area. To distinguish these environments we can also use differentiated lighting or carpets.

If your room is small, the best option is to support loveseat and chaise (with or without chaise longue) in the longest wall.  The key is that the environment looks as clear as possible. If you put the couch in front of a window or door terraz to remember how important it is to respect the passageway. Leave at least 90 cm.

Combining two loveseat and chaise or armchair will create a pleasant space to share, chat, and watch TV or snack. If you put a small table in the center of the composition you will still give more functionality to this space. Remember that the passageways should be about 80 cm between furniture and 40 cm between the table and the sofa.

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