Make A Chaise With Storage Ottoman

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New Chaise With Storage

Chaise with storage – chaise with storage usually functions as a footrest when placed before any chair or sofa. Also, if the height of the Ottoman coincides with the height of the stretcher without your seat cushions, you can push the Ottoman against one end of the sofa to create a small extension chaise lounge.

Make a chaise with storage ottoman, Remove the seat and back cushions of the couch. Measure the length of the back of the couch to the front edge of the ottoman. Measure the width of the Ottoman on the side that touches the sofa. Buy a piece of foam cushioning has the dimensions of and about 4 or 5 centimeters thick. If you get one that’s bigger, check the measurements slab with a permanent marker and cut the slab yourself with an electric kitchen knife. Now you have found the pad on top of the chair.

Make a chaise with storage ottoman, Use durable fabric that does not stretch, and goes well with the sofa and ottoman upholstery. Cut one piece of fabric as wide as the thickness measurement of Step 5, including the seam allowance. Pin long piece, narrow side of the fabric for the four edges of the top panel of fabric with the right sides and lateral deceits piece towards the center of the top panel. Sew together at the edges with seams ½ inches. Pin the edges of the side panel with the rights along with the bottom panel on three sides, leaving an open short side. Remove the pins and turn the cushion cover right side out.  Turn stitched edges of the cover inwards and hand – stitch the opening closed.

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