Make Curtain For A Gazebo Canopy Tent

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Gazebo Canopy Tent Chandelier

Gazebo Canopy Tent – Add curtains for your gazebo allows for greater privacy and protection the sun when you pull your curtains. You can even make a layer of sheer fabric curtains to help keep clarity far. This is an easy sewing project with all of them straight.

Measure the width and height of the sides of the Gazebo Canopy Tent and determine how much fabric you will need. For the width of the curtain panels, you will need purchase one and half times the width of the openings on the sides of gazebos, and 2.5 cm on each side. You’ll probably have to sew three or more lengths of fabric together to create a wide panel enough. For length, you will need the same as the height, and a sheath 2.5 cm at the bottom and about 2.5 cm into the pocket in the upper panel.

Looking for fabrics intended Gazebo Canopy Tent for outdoor use, waterproof and resistant light fastness. Choose the fabric. The screen is a good choice, as well as printed fabrics. Use a vertical straight stitch to sew several pieces of fabric together. Also sew the sides and bottom with a sheath 2.5 cm. Sew a pocket 5 cm deep along the top edge, or deeper if you are using a thick curtain.

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