Making Metal Table Legs

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Jupiter Metal Table Legs

Metal table legs – Folding tables can provide extra seating on special occasions when there is not enough seating on the usual dinner table. In confined spaces, a folding leg table is a practical investment because it can be stored easily by folding table legs. This, of course, creates “new” space. Like all furniture, folding tables can be expensive, although they do not always mean that they have good quality. With some basic joinery skills and materials, you can build your own table with folding legs that are as robust as you need them to be.


Select a table top that measures just over twice as much as the metal legs. The metal table legs measure about 29 inches, so the table should be about 65 to 70 inches tall. These table legs must all have the same length and width. Use a hand grinding machine to sand down the table legs to remove any uneven edges.

Clean the metal table legs to remove all dirt and dust with a pillow case. Pour color or bite that matches the tabletop into a color pan. Use a brush to paint or color the folding legs. Leave enough time for the paint or the bite to dry. Read the label on color or bite to determine the drying time. Turn the tabletop over to expose the underside. Place each leg against the corners of the table and draw the contours of the table legs “tops on the underside of the table with a pen. The legs should be about 2 inches to 3 inches from each edge of the table and in the same place in each corner.

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