Metal Office Desk Best Material

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Metal Office Desk Furniture

Metal Office Desk – In addition to the laminated boards, metal is used for the structures of the desks and other elements that make up some furniture. In our case, all the metal parts we manufacture are painted with electrostatic paint for metal, which is undoubtedly the best option in terms of quality, strength, and durability. After adapting both the metal structure and the legs to the desired height, we make the hole for the cable gland and cover the edges of the door with aluminum profiles.

First, let go of the top shelf and mark the cut lines, keeping in mind that the standard size of a metal office desk is 72-75 cm. Then, we firmly tie the legs of the furniture to the table with jaws and cut them, with the help of the jigsaw and a sheet of metal. We also draw the cut lines on the legs, giving them two centimeters less height than the shelf, because the latter will go embedded in the table.

We hold the pieces to the metal office desk with sergeants and using the jigsaw again, we cut them. Next, we remove the burrs by passing through the cut areas an appropriate file. The next step is to drill a central hole in the regulating bases of the legs since we are going to incorporate some wheels. To do this work, we will use the drill provided with a wood drill.

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