Mixing Hippie And Chic Bedroom Sets

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Modern Chic Rooms

Chic Bedroom Sets – Creating your own personal room space can be a challenge, especially when your sense of style does not seem to mesh with pre-packaged bedroom decor sets. The remedy, of course, is to mix and match your own decisions. Create a great look by combining sleek rocker with hippie or bohemian styles.

Painting the walls of the rooms that do not match the colors to give a bohemian touch. For a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, put a zebra print on one of the walls, using either paint or fabric. Experiment with textures on the walls of your room, which reflects the carefree hippie style. For the floors, you can use the glossy black tile for an elegant and modern appeal; Warm it with a bright red Persian rug. These rugs can be found in antique stores and sometimes in garage sales.

The use of varied styles of furniture is a good idea when creating a mixed-gender bedroom. Choose elegant, modern materials, such as brushed black steel for the bed frame, and coordinate the look with matching bedside tables and a dressing table. Pull the look out a little by putting a bohemian wicker trunk at the foot of your bed. Create a free spirit effect, allowing blankets of colors to reach their maximum point from the edges of the trunk.

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