New Ideas For Bohemian Bathroom Decor

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Interest Bohemian Bathroom Decor

Bohemian bathroom decor – Your bathroom should provide a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. If you still accessorizing a traditional ocean or sailboat-themed bathroom, give your bathroom a makeover. There are several options for a modern and fun-themed bath that can illuminate the space and liven up the decor. Let a favorite color palette, exciting time period or favorite hobby inspire your new bathroom decor.

Inspired by color

Refrain for a theme and let living colors take over your bathroom. Bohemian bathroom decor has always wanted to experiment with happy lemon yellow color or apple red tiles? Once you have updated your wall color, accent rooms with coordinating rugs, wall art and towels. Keep the look simple by choosing one-color accessories or items with classic stripes. Add a plant or two and your new bathroom decor will have a timeless, pleasing appeal. You can never go wrong with a patriotic-themed room in your home. If you are hoping to give your bathroom a more spacious feel while redecorating, paint the entire room in white. For an all-American appeal equip with red and blue.

Step back in time

Choose a favorite historical period and step back in time. If you have a claw-foot tub and a pedestal sink, decorate your bathroom in a vintage Victorian style. Hang an antique mirror accents in gold details and choose new Lacy curtains. Accessorize with an ornate gold-plated soap cup and towels decorated with a scroll-font monogram. If you redecorate your own bohemian bathroom decor, surround yourself with a hobby that you love. If you would rather work in the garden than spending time showering, hanging photographs of flowering flowers and maturing gardening items.

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