Paint A Wooden Wardrobe Closet

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Wardrobe closet – If you plan to paint a wooden wardrobe, you will need to perform specific preparation techniques depending on the condition of the tree. If the wardrobe is new and unmatched, you must condition the tree to promote attachment. If the wardrobe is lacquered, you will need to remove the blank coating before the paint will stick. Finally, if the closet is stained, choose a particular type of paint is able to connect to the oiled surface.

Remove painted layers by grinding it with 200 sandpaper grain. Sand with the oars of the tree. Keep grinding until the end appears matte. Skip this step if the wardrobe is unmasked. Wipe wardrobe with a tack cloth down. Remove all dust from the tree or you may have problems with attachment. Protect parts of the wardrobe closet; you want to leave the umbrella with paint tape. Cover the floor around the wardrobe with dust sheet.

Then for paint a wooden wardrobe closet, open windows to provide ventilation. Apply a layer of oil-based primer to the wardrobe using a 2 to 3-inch oil-based paintbrush. Prime the inside of the closet first. Allow the primer to dry for two hours. Wash oil-based brush with turpentine. Apply two light coat oil-based paint to the wardrobe using the cleaned 2 to 3 inch oil-based paintbrush. Paint the inside of the closet first. Apply thin coating paint. Do not overuse as this can lead to dripping and dripping. Allow two hours of drying between layers.

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