Paint Over Wood Paneling Low Cost Designing

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Paint Over Fake Wood Paneling


Paint Over Wood Paneling – ┬áMany times I heard people call their wood panels dark, sad and they really want to do something. Replacing it can be very expensive and does not include chaos and time involved in remodel. What about the painting, with advances in paint, it is a comfortable and affordable choice for every homeowner. Preparation is the key, don’t take shortcuts or you will regret in the long run. Begin to make sure the surface is in good condition. Clean the wall and check the hole in the nail wall. They fill, with wood fillers, let it dry and the sand is so smooth.


I always suggest that you sand the wall a little, and then delete (not recommended by the main manufacturer) only I am careful, and want a perfect job. It’s time to premiere the wall, don’t skip this step; that is an important step to succeed. My paint expert always recommends big oil based, yes I know it’s harder to work on, but it’s more durable. This also ensures that no fat or dirt can be shown through finished paint. Apply a thin layer with rollers, save brushes that are useful for getting cracks and each roll point cannot.


This may not be the most beautiful part, don’t worry, it will get better from here, make sure you don’t walk and everything is protected. When working with primer, remember that you can match the color of your wall, helping the paint to cover the surface better. I can’t firmly make this part carefully and the end result will be a perfect paint job.

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