Pendant Light Installation Guides

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Pendant Light Glass

Pendant Light – Hanging lamps can add style and personality to an environment. In addition, they come in a variety of designs that allow you to customize any room to your liking. Replacing an old lighting device with a pendant lamp is a basic home improvement project that even a beginner can master. Unpack the new device. Organize the pieces carefully so you have easy access to them. Disconnect electricity.

Find the circuit breaker or fuse box in your home and disconnect electricity from the room or area of ​the house where you are going to install the lamp. Remove the old device. Unless you are going to install the pendant light in a decoration interior, you will most likely need to disassemble an old lighting. Check the support. You must make sure that the location of the installation is structurally sound. Attach the power wires. Have another person hold the lighting device on the ceiling.

Then, you must attach the wires of the device to those hanging from the connection box. Attach the cable for grounding. You should look for this cable on the pendant light​. Depending on the installation you have, you must wrap it around a ground anchor position in the junction box or attach it to a protruding ground cable. Secure the wires. You must push or bend the wiring up into the junction box and make sure that all the wires remain secured together with the wire nuts.

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