Perfect Solid Wood Platform Bed King

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Platform Bed King Solid Wooden

Solid wood platform bed king – A platform bed is a fun design. The platform bed in the traditional style can be made with a wood platform, eliminating the need to purchase a metal bed frame. The choice of a platform bed also eliminates the sound problem of steel frames, such as creaking and changing over time. For a modern alternative to a solid wood design, the bed owner can choose a wood finish mounted on wheels.

The use of wheels gives the bedside owner visual benefits platform with the functional considerations of being able to easily move the bed for cleaning or rearranging the room. Looking for a design idea that uses dark, solid wood bed? Then, sleigh bed is such a design and it fits the queen-size mattress.

A traditional sleigh bed has a curve headboard and also footstool that looks like the construction of a horse-drawn sleigh. The bottom of the bed is made of wood beams. Match the tree sled bed to the other pieces of wood in the bedroom. To complete the set, then place a low chest, box or suitcase at the foot of the bed. This is the perfect place to sit and put on shoes.

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