Popular Design For Rustic Country Home Decor

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Best Rustic Country Home Decor

Rustic country home decor with select unfinished wood furniture made from oak or pine or from log pieces or large pieces of branch or branches. The idea is to select furniture that really looks more or less cut as if it is clearly homemade. It is fine to let the nails or pegs show with rustic furniture. For example, a table made of a raw slab of wood, unpolished and unpainted is suitable for this type of style that are simply designed pieces of wooden furniture, such as wooden chairs or colonial style agitator.

The walls of a rustic style house are simple, cheerful and bright. If they have wooden beams, showcase the wood in them by adding a layer of enamel. Keep the walls white or a bright, inconspicuous shade like cream or yellow butter. Stay away from strong colors such as purple, fuchsia, lime green and black.

Add a border of rustic wall stenciled along the middle of the walls around the room, like country hearts or a scheme of a rooster. A simple tile back wall in kitchens is best with a white porcelain base with a subtle floral pattern. Hardwood floors are the most optimal choice for rustic homes, so remove all tiles or carpets from wall to wall.

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