Popular Solid Wood Platform Bed Queen

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Black Wood Platform Bed Queen

Solid wood platform bed queen – Perhaps you like your traditional four-legged bed and most people feel happy to sleep in the same bed. But if you are looking for some new idea, it may be necessary to think of a platform bed. Why? The platform beds have been around for a long time, but have become popular for a very short, especially on the natural and organic market. Choosing the right design for a queen-size bed begins with the purchase of the bed.

The type of bed design should work with all the other design elements in the bedroom and meet the functional needs of the bed owner. For example, you can buy a wooden queen bed that suits all the other wooden furniture in your bedroom. The Japanese futon mattress in queen size takes the concept of a platform bed to a whole new level.

A queen bed that is just a futon located on the floor represents a lower prior investment and you can store the futon in a closet during the day – a perfect solution for a small home. This futon concept eliminates the need to buy a bed frame, headboard and footstool. Japanese style futon queens save space and suit the tastes of consumers who like Asian style design and decor.

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